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SELENE: Self-Monitored Dependable Platform for High-Performance Safety-Critical Systems Carles Hernandez, Jose Flich, Roberto Paredes, Charles-Alexis Lefebvre, Imanol Allende, Jaume Abella, David Trilla, Martin Matschnig, Bernhard Fischer, Konrad Schwarz, Jan Kiszka, Martin Ronnback, Johan Klockars, Nicholas McGuire, Franz Rammerstorfer, Christian Schwarzl, Franck Wartel, Dierk Ludemann, Mikel Labayen, Markus Kreidl 23rd Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD), pp. 370-377. IEEE, 2020 Conference All PDF
HP-DCFNoC: High Performance Distributed Dynamic TDM Scheduler Based on DCFNoC Theory Tomás Picornell, Jose Flich, Duato Jose, Carles Hernández IEEE Access 8 (2020) Journal UPV PDF
Security, Reliability and test aspects of the RISC-V ecosystem Sergi Alcaide, Carles Hernández, Leonidas Kosmidis, Francisco Bas, Jaume Abella IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS), pp. 1-10. IEEE, 2021 Conference BSC PDF
SafeDE: a flexible Diversity Enforcement hardware module for light-lockstepping Francisco Bas, Sergi Alcaide, Ruben Lorenzo, Guillem Cabo, Guillermo GIL, Oriol Sala, Fabio Mazzocchetti, David Trilla,Jaume Abella 27th International Symposium on On-Line Testing and Robust System Design (IOLTS), pp. 1-7. IEEE, 2021 Conference BSC PDF
SafeTI: a Hardware Traffic Injector for MPSoC Functional and Timing Validation Oriol Sala, Sergi Alcaide, Jaume Abella, Guillem Cabo, Francisco Bas, Ruben Lorenzo, Pedro Benedicte, David Trilla, Fabio Mazzocchetti 27th international symposium on on-line testing and robust system design (IOLTS), pp. 1-7. IEEE, 2021 Conference BSC PDF
Enabling Hardware Randomization Across the Cache Hierarchy in Linux-Class Processors Max Doblas, Ioannis-Vatistas Kostalabros, Miquel Moreto Planas, Carles Hernández Luz Fourth Workshop on Computer Architecture Research with RISC-V, co-located with ISCA 2020, pp. 1-7. 2020 Workshop BSC, UPV PDF
On the reliability of hardware event monitors in MPSoCs for critical domains Javier Enrique Barrera Herrera, Leonidas Kosmidis, Hamid Tabani, Enrico Mezzetti, Jaume Abella Ferrer, Mikel Fernández, Guillem Joan Bernat Nicolau, Francisco Javier Cazorla Almeida Proceedings of the 35th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, pp. 580-589. 2020 Conference BSC PDF
Empirical Analysis of the Specialization of a Diversity Metric per Circuit Path Sergi Alcaide, Carles Hernández, Jaume Abella The 17th IEEE Workshop on Silicon Errors in Logic – System Effects, 2021 Workshop BSC, UPV PDF
HLS-Based HW/SW Co-Design of the Post-Quantum Classic McEliece Cryptosystem Vatistas Kostalampros, Jordi Ribes-González, Oriol Farràs, Miquel Moretó and Carles Hernandez 31st International Conference on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL), pp. 52-59. IEEE, 2021 Conference BSC, UPV PDF
Achieving Diverse Redundancy for GPU Kernels Sergi Alcaide, Leonidas Kosmidis, Carles Hernández, Jaume Abella Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing 10, no. 2 (2021): 618-634 Journal BSC, UPV PDF
Neural Networks for Robotic Pose Estimation in Safety-Critical Space Systems Nick Hauptvogel, Dierk Luedemann, Jasminka Matevska Space&AI 2021 Online Conference, in association with ECML PKDD 2021 Conference ADS-DE PDF
SafeSU-2: a Safe Statistics Unit for Space MPSoCs Guillem Cabo, Sergi Alcaide, Carles Hernandez, Pedro Benedicte, Francisco Bas, Fabio Mazzocchetti and Jaume Abella Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE) 2022 Conference BSC PDF
SafeDM: a hardware Diversity Monitor for redundant execution on non-lockstepped cores Francisco Bas, Pedro Benedicte, Sergi Alcaide, Guillem Cabo, Fabio Mazzocchetti and Jaume Abella Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE) 2022 Conference BSC PDF
Static Hardware Partitioning on RISC-V: Shortcomings, Limitations and Prospects Ralf Ramsauer, Stefan Huber, Konrad Schwarz, Jan Kiszka, Wolfgang Maurer World Forum on Internet of Things Conference SIE-DE PDF
The HLSinf AI hardware accelerator for Safety-related Applications in SELENE Laura Medina, José Flich, Carles Hernández 18th International Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-performance Embedded Systems (ACACES 2022) Summer school UPV PDF
HLSinf: Una Plataforma de Aceleración de Procesos de Inferencia en FPGA aplicado a Imágenes Médicas Laura Medina, Izan Catalán, José Flich, Carles Hernández, Andrea Bragagnolo, Fabrice Auzanneau y David Briand XXXII Jornadas de Paralelismo (JP2022) Conference UPV PDF
Artificial Intelligence for High-performance Human Space Flight Avionics Systems Carles Hernandez, Nick Hauptvogel, Laura Medina, Charles-Alexis Lefebvre, Jose Flich, Martin Rönnbäck, Dierk Lüdemann Data Systems In Aerospace Conference (DASIA 2022) Conference ADS-DE, UPV, CG PDF
The SELENE Deep Learning Acceleration Framework for Safety-related Applications Laura Medina, Salvador Carrión, Pablo Andreu, Tomás Picornell, José Flich, Carles Hernández, Michael Sandoval, Markel Sainz, Charles-Alecis Lefebvre, Martin Rönnbäck, Martin Matschnig, Matthias Wess Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE 2022) Conference UPV, IKR, GC, SIE-AT PDF
Cuotas hardware para el despliegue de aplicaciones de alta criticidad en sistemas multiprocesador Pablo Andreu Cerezo, Carles Hernandez, Pedro Lopez XXXII Jornadas de Paralelismo (JP2022) Conference UPV PDF
Bounding inter-core interference with a hardware quota mechanism Pablo Andreu Cerezo; Carles Hernández; Pedro Lopez 18th International Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-performance Embedded Systems (ACACES 2022) Summer school UPV PDF
End-to-end QoS for the Open Source safety-relevant RISC-V SELENE platform Pablo Andreu, Carles Hernandez, Tomas Picornell, Pedro Lopez, Sergi Alcaide, Francisco Bas, Pedro Benedicte, Guillem Cabo, Feng Chang, Francisco Fuentes, Jaume Abella HiPEAC Conference Budapest Conference UPV, BSC PDF
Improving the Robustness of Redundant Execution with Register File Randomization Ilya Tuzov, Pablo Andreu, Laura Medina, Tomas Picornell, Antonio Robles, Pedro Lopez, Jose Flich, Carles Hernández International Conference On Computer Aided Design (ICCAD 2021) Conference UPV PDF
BAFFI: a bit-accurate fault injector for improved dependability assessment of FPGA prototypes Ilya Tuzov, David de Andres, Juan-Carlos Ruiz and Carles Hernandez Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE) 2023 Conference UPV Accepted for publication, proceeding in April 2023